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Armed only with a reasonably priced hat

Jack Fielding was born in London and is of mixed British and French heritage with a little Irish on his grandmother’s side. He has worked in special education and is a trained counsellor; he has also hauled mail bags off the night train, been a brewery worker, security guard, fashion model, taught English and ran his own business in Thailand.  

Ever since he was a teenager, Jack has lived and travelled all over the world. His unlikely escapades include a stint as Helsinki's best dressed Teddy Boy, running a bar for General Franco’s interpreter in Paraguay, coaching Bangkok’s Elvis, starring in a German travel commercial and running a dysfunctional boarding school in Switzerland.

Jack discovered his creative voice while exploring a haunted pagoda on the Thai-Cambodian border and went on to study creative writing at Brunel University. He published his first novel Shadows and Pagodas in 2014. He draws on his many experiences to pen all sorts of stories and poems, often with a cheeky dash of Buddhist teaching.

Suffering from ill health, Jack finally returned home to England in 2019 with his family and settled in the lovely town of Shrewsbury. He is now fully recovered and happily writing again.

His stories are dedicated to his wonderful wife and children.

"Mono no aware"
(that sort of translates as an awareness of the transient nature of things)


Dreaming with Zen City -
interview ​with Kevin Cummings
at Thailand Footprint
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