International man of mystery armed only with a typewriter and reasonably priced hat

​​​​​​Jack Fielding is of mixed British and French heritage with a little Irish thrown in on his grandmother’s side. Jack's adventures have taken him around the world. His unlikely escapades include a stint as Helsinki's best dressed Teddy Boy, running a bar for General Franco’s English interpreter in Paraguay, informally coaching Bangkok’s premier Elvis impersonator, starring in a German travel commercial and studying walking meditation at the Buddhapadipa Temple in London. More recently Jack found himself on a Swiss mountain where he completely failed to run a dysfunctional boarding school. He has suffered from depression, compulsive vintage syndrome and writers’ block (but not necessarily in that order). Last year Jack finally returned home with his family and settled in the lovely town of Shrewsbury. He is happily writing again.

​Jack discovered his creative voice while exploring a haunted pagoda on the Thai-Cambodian border. Passionate about writing, he pens entertaining tales of crime, gothic adventure and retro sci-fi. These are often set in speculative worlds with plenty of dark comedy and a cheeky dash of Buddhist teaching. Jack is sometimes moved to compose haiku with a noir twist.

Jack still wears his Teddy Boy finery when he gets the chance, including his bespoke drape jacket with a velvet collar, 1920s Limit pocket watch and chain. He remains a firm believer in the redemptive power of  Sun Records.


​A website and numerous blogs provide an eclectic mix of creative ramblings and retro things. Jack is currently putting the finishing touches to a murderous tale set in 1940s Siam.


Jack is blessed with a wonderfully understanding wife and two beautiful children. His creative work is dedicated to them.




 Mono no aware


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