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​​​​​​Jack Fielding is of mixed British and French heritage with a little Irish thrown in on his grandmother’s side. He has lived throughout the world and always been drawn to the absurd, improbable and uncanny. Jack was a Teddy Boy in Helsinki, modelled cowboy hats in Japan, dined with General Franco’s English interpreter in Paraguay, informally coached Bangkok’s premier Elvis impersonator, starred in a German travel commercial in Pattaya (where he was attacked by a transsexual armed with an egg), and once studied walking meditation in Wimbledon. More recently Jack found himself on a Swiss mountain where he completely failed to run a dysfunctional boarding school and suffered from writers’ block and ill-health. Jack has finally returned home with his family to Britain and settled in the picturesque town of Shrewsbury. He is happily writing again.

​Jack discovered his creative voice while exploring a haunted pagoda on the Thai-Cambodian border. Always passionate about books and cinema, he pens reasonably entertaining tales of crime, gothic adventure and retro sci-fi, often set in speculative worlds with dark comedy and a cheeky dash of Buddhist teaching. Jack is sometimes moved to compose haiku with a noir twist.

Jack still wears his Teddy Boy finery when he gets the chance, including his bespoke drape jacket with a velvet collar, vintage pocket watch and chain. He loves blues, country, doo wop, gospel, rockabilly and rock and roll.


​A website and numerous blogs provide an eclectic mix of creative ramblings and retro things. Jack is currently putting the finishing touches to a murderous tale set in 1940s Siam.


Jack is blessed with a wonderfully understanding wife and two beautiful children. His creative work is dedicated to them.




 Mono no aware



Dreaming with Zen City -
interview ​with Kevin Cummings
at Thailand Footprint


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