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Being a bit creative

Jack's uncompromising therapist is Doc Nyodai who became a nun at the Seigan-ji temple in Kyoto before training as a psychoanalyst in Vienna. Doc N is a keen mixed martial arts fighter, black belt in naginata-do and and award winning gardener. She also likes watching BattleBots on Netflix. In 2019 Doc N was the oldest person to undergo gender reassignment at a Bangkok clinic and now likes to be called  Colin outside of office hours.  She uses her knowledge for the good of humanity - with a ten percent discount for desperate writers .


It was Doc N who suggested Jack set up his website and blogs. She said they would be a form of release, a stream of consciousness to help heal psychic wounds. Another step on the hard road to enlightenment.


Jack says it's just about all the weird stuff that's happened to him and found its way into his stories.



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​​MIscellany of stories, images and reflections from Jack's adventures around the world. Updates and news on books and short stories.

​​A lively look at the diverse and unexpected things that have influenced Jack's unique take on crime noir.  

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​​Tweaking the nose of history and dedicated to the vertiginous escapades of Baron Parzifal, Camille and Peter. 

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