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retro sci-fi,
uncanny tales

The Chrome Kimono Files


Banzai Charlie and the Metaluna  Girls

Robot in a Cloche Hat

Cobra Head Rumble

Airship Temple

Shutzstaffel Sinner

Swinging at the Greene Man

Gigaku Girl


Her name is Suriwan na Ayutthaya, a Siamese lady who has made her fortune importing eco-friendly products into the Kingdom. She has never married and doesn’t intend to. Because she wants to be free to run her business and pursue the great passion in her life – writing stories.


Suriwan travels all over Siam and Indochina. She investigates newspaper articles, photos, digs up tombs and explores old city buildings; she persuades those not yet born, the living and the dead, to give up their secrets. When Suriwan returns from her travels she comes back here to the Chrome Kimono. It is her favourite tea house. A refuge where she can forget her illness and write stories based on her investigations.


Suriwan hopes you enjoy these seven stories as much as she has enjoyed writing them.


Oh, and be sure to pay your respects to the Enlightened One as you leave the Chrome Kimono.


​To be published in a dimension just over the horizon

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