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cover art and magical cats

Jack finally learned his lesson and commissioned a professional to redesign the cover art for his books. Larch Gallagher lives in medieval Ely, Cambridgeshire – described as “one of England’s spookiest cities” – with her magical cat that morphs in the winter cold. Larch first worked on Shadows and Pagodas and we were really pleased. Larch has a real talent for this sort of thing and the improved cover art succesfully conveys the Baron's gothic adventure as a Grail quest cloaked in conspiracy. Note the Templar Cross and the ghostly Siamese temple to the right.

Larch has also reworked the cover art for Man in a Zen Anbulance and a draft for Dial B for Bangkok (the old Zen City, Iso story). Also working on a distinctive Jack Fielding ‘look’ which is a bit tricky because he pens stories across different genres. But we're making progress.

Jack claims he discovered Larch after a curious encounter. He found a cat seemingly waiting for him on the corner of a cobbled, crooked street where she him led to an occult shop not unlike the one Isabella finds in Shadows and Pagodas. Larch was inside perusing the dusty shelves.

magical cat boat_905.jpg

Magical Cat Boat Melody Seal

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