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a meddlesome adventure in Old Siam

Shadows and Pagodas


What is the secret behind the extraordinary painting that Peter steals? Determined to find out, he  hits the road in search of adventure and takes the painting with him. But after suffering a series of indignities and near disasters, Peter's fortunes take a strange turn in a Parisian cemetery when he is rescued by Baron Hieronymous Parzifal. Nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to the outrageous Baron but one thing is for sure -  time is fast running out to find the treasure that will save him from an awful fate. Peter is determined to help and enters the Baron's service. ​The secret police, the Inquisition and the deadliest swordswoman in Spain are in hot pursuit. Undeterred, the Baron has a cunning plan! And soon our heroes set sail for the other side of the world where they will discover even more than treasure and the secret to Peter's painting.


A wickedly irreverent tale of swashbuckling adventue, Buddhism,  fighting and death (but not necessarily in that order), conspiracy, medieval pelicans and rather nice cups of tea.


"Outrageous adventure in a Gothic world" 
Pyramids and Prophecies


"Anyone want to buy a cheap sphinx...?"

The dreaded might of Imperial Rome is about to fall on Cleopatra's Egypt. There is wailing, the gnashing of teeth and the sound of small ploppy things. But all is not lost! For there is an ancient prophecy that tells of a stranger who will descend from the heavens and rescue the beautiful queen and her kingdom.

After rescuing Peter from a terrible fate outside a public convenience in Downtown Memphis, the Baron learns of the prophecy. He formulates a cunning plan. He will save Egypt, catch himself a queen and make an embarrassingly huge personal fortune in the process.


Without a moment to lose the Baron and Peter catch the first camel train to Alexandria. It's not long before the pair are up to their necks in the greatest story of love, intrigue, war, tragedy and toothpaste in the entire history of the ancient world.

Well, sort of.


"Outrageous adventure in an Antique Land" 
Coming to a sphinx near you pretty soon.... 



Intrepid readers might enjoy Jack's blog dedicated to the Meddlesome Adventures. Think of it as an attic - or crypt! - stuffed full of gothicky curios, occult secrets,  metaphysical musings, strange paintings and mysterious small furry things on cocktail sticks. And plenty more besides once the action moves to Ancient Egypt...  
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