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noir with a Zen kick

"A totally original tale that dips into the surreal.
You really should read this book." Matt Carrell
Zen City, Iso

Empty handed I go
and behold the cord is in my hand;
I walk on foot, and yet on the seat of a tram I am riding

Introducing Orson Milo Palmer. We sit at Orson's hospital bed while he is medicated to death by two doctors. Palmer is a full-time humourist, part-time Buddhist and former co-producer of British B films. He is being forced to return to the past by Miss Fromm. She wants him to confront the truth about Operation Agarthi and a series of brutal, unsolved murders.


Before it's too late.  


Crime and dark comedy in 1940s Bangkok 

WARNING! Adult  content

"And what a story this is, filled with such riotous colour and energy. One excess follows another, while the underlying absurdities push the story along to its perfect conclusion." Doug Watts
Man in a Zen Ambulance


Empty handed I go

and behold the Oka Revolver in my grip;
​I walk on foot,
yet a Nakajima R600 Kamikaze I am driving

Six cartridges. Four Noble Truths and one maybe-monk. Luther plays the fiddle, the Colonel choking on his cigar and Rei has an itch she can't scratch. Everyone tryin' to stay in the zone. And don't even mention those goddamn chimps doin' that Elvis thing of theirs.

Zen Ambulance propels the reader into a violent 1950s world of  rockabilly, yakuza, temples and chrome-laden tail-finned cars.


Right Action.


​Crime and dark comedy in a pulp Zen world


WARNING! Adult  content
"Did you know the Demon took seven steps when he was born?  That's seven steps to Hell, my friend." The Iron-Fist Abbot 
Bad Day at Black Pagoda


Empty handed I go

and behold the amulet is in my hand;
​I walk on foot,
yet from an airship I am falling

Coming to a temple near you soon...


Take a chance, pull the trigger and check out this blog. It's packed with all sorts of things that have influenced the pulp Zen concept, from cult movies and uber cool vintage street fashions to rockabilly and haiku poetry. 
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